Vivekanand VIPF Institute Of Education

Aurangabad (Bihar) 824101 is committed to provide Teacher Training to young growing minds of people of South Central sector of the state of Bihar in particular and the nation/others in general. In one hand the institute will prepare skilled manpower for nurturing the hidden talents of the budding twigs of the nation and in other the mentors for national growth and development.

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The institution is situated in South-East outskirt of the Aurangabad district town on Anandpura Road, connecting 2.4 kms distance from Historical Grand Trunk Road. The lush green campus facilitated with well equipped infrastructure of the institution in the name of the Bright Star Nationalist Saint Swami Vivekanand, speak and commit to translate lofty socio educational philosophy of Swami Vivekanand into reality. Swami Vivekanand, through his short 39 years span of life knocked the doors of Indian hearts to make all education, all training aiming at the masses to grow. He emphasized education as the only key for the creation of the India’s destiny. He tried his level best to awaken the countrymen and encouraged. He said –“A Nation is advanced in proportion as education and intelligence spread among the masses”. Swami Vivekanand advocated moral and ethical education with scientific and technological temper. Having come to be inspired by the philosophy of the Swami the Vivekanand Vision Integrated People’s Foundation, Vats Vihar, Daudnagar, Aurangabad (Bihar) decided to establish this institution in the educationally and agriculturally progress dreaming region of the district of Aurangabad.

An Institute Empowered By Thoughts Of Swami Vivekanand